The creators of Age of Empires are opening a new studio

February 18, 2009, 6:10 pm

the creators of age of empires are opening a new studio   The former founder of Ensemble Studios Gudmen Tony (Tony Goodman) and several other officers disbanded the studio moved to the company Robot Entertainment. What is involved in the creators of the famous series of Age of Empires, so far unknown. The newly formed company could change the genre specialization and produce instead a strategy in real time to the PC any action or pazzl.
Microsoft shut down Ensemble, making the Xbox 360 exclusive Halo Wars last game legendary company. Publisher motivates this decision financial problems. Unknown, which upon dissolution of the company departed Bruce Shelley. Perhaps he was never to work for Microsoft Game Studios.
Ensemble Studios was founded in 1995 and developed the strategy in real time, including the famous series of Age of Empires. Microsoft bought the company entirely in 2001.
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