Crytek has registered three brands

April 10, 2009, 10:06 am

crytek has registered three brands   The German studio Crytek recently recorded three new brands. None of the names does not include the word cry (which is why many employees have begun to chafe Joystiq). So, the new brands Crytek:Carvatar, Kingdoms and Gface.
PR manager Jens Sheffer (Jens Sch # 228;fer) from Crytek did not want to comment on the newly formed law. However, this does not prevent many journalists speculate and make guesses. Probably the first two titles (Carvatar and Kingdoms) as it related to the company`s future game projects. Regarding Gface, this name probably relates to some new technology being developed by a brilliant programmers Crytek.
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