Crytek is working closely with Microsoft and Sony on finalizing Cry Engine 3

April 9, 2009, 1:24 pm

crytek is working closely with microsoft and sony on finalizing cry engine 3   The Executive Director of Crytek Tsevat Ierli (Cevat Yerli) recently open up on a new engine company CryENGINE 3. In an interview with GamesIndustry. biz leader of the largest studios said that new technology can be a good perekladnym bridge from one generation to the other consoles. Charm is that the platform is extremely powerful and versatile. Thus it can be used with any new hardware.
Crytek claims that the next generation of gaming consoles podospeet by 2011. It should be noted that such a prediction, and other famous leaning analysts. According to Tsvata, the company already is negotiating with Microsoft and Sony, in discussing the possibility of adapting the new technology to the new hardware features are not yet released prefixes. Perhaps, Crysis 2 will be released at the PlayStation 4.
  • www. gamesindustry. biz


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