Dancing platoon robots R2D2

December 25, 2008, 3:19 pm

   Of people of interest to find adherents, a good time and give a chance to understand what you are capable of. The last true for participants in club designers R2D2. Their main occupation - is the creation, development and improvement of the cult robot friend C3PO. Even manufacturers of USB-hubs used in its decisions, the image of the heroes of Star Wars saga.
As evidence of a serious approach to his favorite business members offer designers R2D2 view video. Chance to see a platoon of dancing robots R2D2 rarely falls. Enjoy.
A careful viewing video, you`ll notice that the neighbor to the camera R2D2 did not answer. You can think of nedorabotke creators. While for those readers who have served in the army, this is not surprising. Remember. As a team RAVNYAYS all but pravoflangovogo, turns his head to the right (just above the left ear, his chin lifted), and aligned so that everyone saw the chest fourth man, believing themselves first. Do guys have a sense of humor.


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