On the date of announcement cards for RV790, RV740 and lower prices for Radeon HD 4870, 4850

March 4, 2009, 2:50 pm

on the date of announcement cards for rv790, rv740 and lower prices for radeon hd 4870, 4850 
on the date of announcement cards for rv790, rv740 and lower prices for radeon hd 4870, 4850   Celebration in the streets fans produce AMD, apparently, is not far off. More and more evidence that the announcement of new gaming accelerators in a series of Radeon HD 4000 will be held April 6. At last weekend Turkish site Donanimhaber.com marked this day as the exact date of launch productive solutions Radeon HD 4890-based graphics core of RV790. At the outset of the working week, this version of events supported by other sources, including well-known Chinese resource Expreview.com. However, the most astute and farsighted Singapore was the site VR-Zone, told that the sixth day of April will be very generous to the announcement. Along with the Radeon HD 4890 graphics unit AMD will introduce two massive video cards based on chip RV740:Radeon HD 4770 and HD 4750.
Singapore resource supported widespread view that videochip RV790 is nothing more than a new audit RV770, was performed on 55-nm technology. The main difference from the predecessor is working frequencies. Probably, this is a belated Super RV770, which is the first time in early July of last year. At that time, AMD fans believe that a simple acceleration RV770 can be overcome GeForce GTX 280 without the use of heavy artillery in the form of accelerator dual Radeon HD 4850 X2 and HD 4870 X2. Now, the most loyal supporters of the winning firm AMD Radeon HD 4890 over the GeForce GTX 285. However, as recent research staff site it168.com, a new revision of RV770 with higher frequencies is unlikely to be able to compete with odnochipovym champion from NVIDIA. More plausible is confident victory over the GeForce GTX 260 Core 216.
The source gave a few words describing the accelerator Radeon HD 4890. Design of printed circuit board provides for 10 sectors. Its length is slightly more than 241 mm, which completely coincides with the length of the standard version Radeon HD 4870. It is worth to underline the fact that the Radeon HD 4890 will get a better two-new cooling system design. We know that AMD engineers have prepared two versions of the accelerator, which differ videobufera volume and operating frequency. Recommended price model with 512 MB of memory GDDR5 is $ 199. Dispersed version, equipped with 1 GB of video memory, will cost from $ 299.
As for the cheaper Radeon HD 4770 graphics cards and HD 4750, they will be based on the recommended price at $ 129 and $ 99 respectively. According to the staff of the Singapore life, the process of launching new products in the mass-scale production runs quite well and ahead of schedule, so it was decided to postpone the official announcement in May to the beginning of April. The developers of AMD hopes that their new accelerators will be able to adequately compete with competitors from NVIDIA - GeForce GTS 240 (dispersed GeForce 9800 GT) and the 9600 GT.
The issue of pricing policy, AMD would continue the very interesting American site DailyTech reported on the next reduction of the cost video cards Radeon HD 4870 and HD 4850. With reference to the production sources claimed that the answer to upgrade the range recommended by NVIDIA will be lowering prices Radeon HD 4870 512 MB from $ 199 to $ 149. Junior Model Radeon HD 4850 podesheveet to $ 129 and will take place Radeon HD 4830, which, in turn, gradually disappear from sale.
American life promises to that effect from the reduction in official prices will be felt in certain computer stores already this week. Of course, subject to the vendors recommended by the pricing policy the time-tested products AMD have chances of gaining confidence in the leading positions on the ratio of price/performance.


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