DAVID 2. 3. 4:a program for three-dimensional scanning

April 21, 2009, 9:00 pm

david 2. 3. 4:a program for three-dimensional scanning   The new version of DAVID - free software that allows to perform three-dimensional scanning of objects and convert the results in models that can be imported into 3D-editors.
to work with the program requires a computer connected to the camera (like a web-camera) and laser level. The object must be set in a corner of the room before the two planes, which must be placed at an angle of 90 degrees relative to one another. Then you need to get into the hands of a laser level, including cameras, to send a laser on the object and begin to drive on it. In doing so, the program will automatically"the 3D-coordinates of the scanned surface.
Immediately after the scan from 3D-model can be viewed in an integrated program in OpenGL-viewer. The result can be saved in the OBJ format and used to work with different 3D-editors. There is also a commercial version of the program DAVID Professional Edition, which is designed for seamless multiple scan the object, which were made from different sides.
The latest version of the scanning speed is increased, reduced consumption of CPU resources, improved calibration, added possibility to save all scan in separate files (for Professional).
Download the latest version of DAVID 2. 3. 4, trial version of DAVID Professional Edition, as well as tutorial and demonstration videos can be here.


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