DDR2-memory expensive at 6-11%

April 23, 2009, 6:53 pm

   According to data collected by an analytic organization DRAMeXchange, contract prices for DRAM memory in the second half of this month continues to grow. Recall stabilization in the market since the first numbers in April.
The average price gigabaytnyh Modules DDR2-667 is $ 9, while dvuhgigabaytnye strips cost $ 18. This is about 6-11% percent higher than in the past month.
The contract price of Gigabit DDR2-667 chips reached the mark of $ 0, 94. This is great progress for the industry, given that the second half of February, it does not exceeds $ 0, 88.
With reference to the projections of memory vendors, DRAMeXchange believes that dvuhgigabaytnye modules using Gigabit chips, went up to $ 20 in May and June. This price Gigabit DDR2-667 chips jumped to $ 1, 06. However, PC manufacturers have reported there are sufficient stocks of DDR2-memory, which will allow them to have at least 2-3 months to keep the prices of their products at the same level.


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