Debut trailer Quantum Theory

October 14, 2008, 1:33 pm

debut trailer quantum theorydebut trailer quantum theory 
debut trailer quantum theory   The new game from Tecmo called the Quantum Theory. The debut trailer of this project is comparable with the best fighting scenes from the films of Michael Beya. Action just incredible. Two heroes of cut cabbage in a crowd of enemies, and incidentally destroying the giant stone monster. And all this is about ten times better than the Devil May Cry.
Tecmo develops this shuter a third person exclusively for PS3. Gamers are invited to try some on the role of Sid (Sid) - dark hero, armed huge gun. There is a female character - Filena (Filena), which also skillfully drawn with sword. On both plot comrade trying to get to the top of a huge tower, pursuing different objectives.
This is a 100 per cent Japanese, with pointless plot, crazy settingom, the complete absence of any laws of physics and bloody battles. The release will take place in 2009.
  • The new movie Quantum Theory.


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