Decisions Aurora for mobile projection

December 1, 2008, 3:47 pm

   The company Aurora Systems introduced its new development - the administering ASIC-chip for projection systems LCoS-oriented applications in mobile devices. Chip ASI9100 can be integrated into optical systems, built-in portable equipment, for which the main criteria are low power consumption and compact form factor.
The new chip is compatible with blocks of imaging Aurora 0, 177"VGA and Aurora 0, 365"SVGA/WVGA. ASI9100 will be supplied in two versions:a traditional BGA-body with dimensions of 8 x 13 mm, as well as a semiconductor crystal with the conclusions that can be mounted using an inverted crystal (flip-chip assembly). As the developers, using a driver ASI9100 with LCoS-panel Aurora 0, 177"VGA projector unit can reach a thickness of about 6 mm.
Aurora promises to start shipping chips Governing ASI9100 to its partners at the outset of the second quarter of 2009.


• Aurora ASI9100
• ASI9100
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