Decisions based on the chip will be equipped with M98 memory GDDR5

December 26, 2008, 5:45 pm

   The slight lull in the segment of mobile graphics adapters companies AMD, seems to be stopped. In August, we had the opportunity to become acquainted with the appearance of video Mobility Radeon HD 48HH (M98) on the basis of the module MXM. It would seem, as promised early in the fourth quarter we will see a ready solution based on the new mobile graphics adapters. The fourth quarter is moving to one of the most festive events of the year, but there is no news.
According to these network resources data audit kernel M98 reached the value of A12. This message indicates that the product is ready. Colleagues explain that the operating frequency graphics processor is still 500 MHz, and may be revised. An interesting is provided by information on the memory. Memory modules and the production of Qimonda GDDR5 standard operating at a frequency of 700 MHz (2800 QDR).
In early 2009, we learn of what M98 chip in conjunction with the memory GDDR5.


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