Deep Shadows optimizes the game with the help of Intel TBB

May 4, 2008, 5:36 pm

   Ukrainian company Deep Shadows, which specializes in developing computer games, announced the successful completion of the implementation of full support for multi-processor based systems components Intel Threading Building Blocks 2. 0 (TBB).
becoming a party to Intel Software Partner Program, the company Deep Shadows has decided to support multithreaded computation and the full utilization of resources multicore processors in its own engine Vital Engine and based on its projects. This is especially true for products intended for the Xbox 360, which uses three processor nucleus. Intel TBB Library implements a means of abstraction needed to organize parallel processing of data and to avoid low-level programming, as well as the ability to work with any language compiler C, which simplifies the development of applications for systems based on multicore processors.
Thanks to optimize engine Vital Engine, the number of FPS in both games increased by 40% and background loading resources has become almost imperceptible. Support for Intel technology projects in Deep Shadows also allowed developers to reduce the time startup time downloading games and saved games.


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