DeepDyve:a new approach to searching the Internet

November 17, 2008, 12:35 pm

deepdyve:a new approach to searching the internet   It would seem that the market of Internet search is no room for new players. Nevertheless, the development of new approaches to the search on the Net never ends. One interesting new project - DeepDyve. This search engine, designed its creators can find up to 99% of pages that have never been found by other search engine. These pages are not linked to sites and, therefore, go unnoticed when searching through Google.
DeepDyve is looking for a page on their content, that is, compares the characters who are on them, those input. Unlike Google, where the maximum length of the request is 32 words, the query DeepDyve may consist of up to 25 thousand characters. Search engine scans the text on the pages, is similar fragments, and then selects the articles that are most consistent with the request.
Currently DeepDyve already had indexed 500 million pages. So far, using the search engine can find only articles related to health, patents and science of wildlife. In the near future, its themes will be expanded, and users can search for information related to IT, science and energy.


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