Dell will issue a printer cartridge without

October 1, 2008, 8:38 am

dell will issue a printer cartridge withoutdell will issue a printer cartridge withoutdell will issue a printer cartridge without 
dell will issue a printer cartridge without   In early 2007, the company introduced the technology ZINK Imaging, which was to become a revolution in the market devices print digital images on paper - without using a cartridge with ink. Provided patented technology involves a colored images through the use of special paper, in which dye crystals introduced three types (corresponding to the three primary colors), which is activated by means of heating. Thus, hot certain parts of ZINK-paper relatively simple in terms of design printing head printer gives the picture is not different from the prints made by traditional inkjet printer. After so loud statements, the company engaged in bringing technology to the mind and seeking partners among the producers of iron, which are interested in new printing technology.
The main advantage of technology that should be the decisive argument in favor of the growing popularity of ZINK-printers are:the possibility of creating an extremely compact printers, precisely because of a lack of ink or toner cartridge tapes coloring;extreme ease of use - no need even to test the level of ink . This makes the technology company ZINK Imaging excellent basis for the creation of handheld printers for instant printing pictures made with the help of tsifrokompaktov and mobile phones.
One of the first partners ZINK Imaging has become famous Polaroid, get ready to enter the world market for portable printer Polaroid PoGo. But zinc interested in technology and Dell, are almost ready to release for sale a compact printer, which should easily fit in your pocket user. At least, to come to the conclusions obtained permits for the network share the U. S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) information - some specifications and photographs of prototype ZINK-printer PZ310.
According to information received, the device will have a very compact, you can even say pocket size (7 x 12 cm), to support the work with an USB, to connect to your digital camera or kamerofona. To print images directly from your camera to use technology PictBridge. No less pleasant looks and technology support for wireless transmission of information Bluetooth.
as a power source will be used conventional batteries, which charge must be carried out standard network adapter. What dates the emergence of new items on the world market, has not yet been reported. Unknown remains and the cost of ZINK-printer PZ310.
finally say such a lack of new items coming, but like other members of ZINK-devices - inability to print photos larger than 7, 5 x 5 cm Thus, in order to obtain more detailed fingerprints, for example, the popular format of 10 x 15 cm a user would have to resort to the services of traditional printers - inkjet or termosublimatsionnyh.


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