Demo Resident Evil 5 most popular

February 3, 2009, 2:59 pm

   Judging by the demand for Demo, Resident Evil 5 is waiting for a huge success. Since the appearance of the probe horror in the Xbox LIVE took place just a few days (the premiere took place on 26 January), and the file has been downloaded more than 1, 8 million times. It also takes into account the demos Biohazard 5 in Japan.
Proposed content package offers users a closer look at the new adventure from Capcom. In the demo included two levels, a cooperative, a few weapons. Of course, no cost and without meeting with Chris Redfildom (Chris Redfield) and a girl named Sheva Alomar (Sheva Alomar). It was this couple will have to catch terrorists and shooting zombies in Africa.
Recently demo Resident Evil 5 has recently become available and the PlayStation 3.



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