A detailed analysis of the combat system of Final Fantasy XIII

January 11, 2009, 10:56 am

a detailed analysis of the combat system of final fantasy xiii 
a detailed analysis of the combat system of final fantasy xiii   Epicheskaya Japanese role-playing game Final Fantasy XIII should leave at home this year. While information on the draft itself is not so much, why we have been very interesting to see a small description of the combat system, published on Kotaku. Apparently, this story is based on the screenshots and information from the Japanese magazines. Here are some talking points:
  • An advanced version of battles in real time - you can perform a certain number of actions, not empty until the appropriate scale. Some types of attacks devastate your lead time faster than the other;
  • The enemies are shown on the map. No transition to a separate battle screen;
  • It is possible to perform combo attacks and get a sort of bonus (probably cause more damage to opponents);
  • demonstrated the number of health and the names of the monsters (in previous games this was not).
  • A detailed description of the combat system of Final Fantasy XIII.


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