Details of the first processors Core i5 and price

April 18, 2009, 6:20 am

details of the first processors core i5 and price   As we previously reported in our news, the company plans to Intel in the third quarter of this year, bring to market new Quad desktop processors Lynnfield in the performance of Socket LGA1156 level TDP of 95 W, which will be manufactured in compliance with 45-nm technology standards and will receive a new brand markings Core i5. Now, thanks to the efforts of the staff network resource HKEPC Hardware has become available to the public for more information on the technical characteristics and the estimated cost of these decisions debut.
So, according to the source, the first will be three models with clock frequency of 2, 66 GHz, 2, 8 and 2 GHz, 93 GHz, which supports technology Turbo Boost, to accelerate the most loaded kernels up to 3, 2 GHz, 3, 46 and 3 GHz, 6 GHz, respectively. Meanwhile, all the chips are equipped with an integrated controller for use with dual RAM type DDR3, operating at a frequency 1066/1333 MHz. To be able to use new products need to purchase a motherboard with the corresponding processor socket, built on the logic of Intel fifth series. As for prices, it will be $ 196 for Intel Core i5 (2, 66 GHz), $ 284 for Intel Core i5 (2, 8 GHz) and $ 562 for Intel Core i5 (2, 93 GHz).
In passing, our colleagues from HKEPC Hardware reported that in the third quarter of the arena will be three quad Clarksfield mobile chip worth $ 364 (1, 6 GHz), $ 546 (1, 73 GHz) and $ 1054 (2, 0 GHz) which can be used only in high-performance laptops. Junior model will get 6 MB of cache memory of the third level, while the other two of its volume increased to 8 MB. In addition, older version of a new Extreme Edition, and, apparently, will have a free multiplier. Notably, all the technology solutions supporting Hyper-Threading, but their level TDP not more than a mark of 35 Watts.


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