Determined the average time of the modern game console

April 13, 2009, 12:02 pm

determined the average time of the modern game console   The company Nielsen has recently published a report that says how long and often use modern game consoles. The results of the study was reached very amusing.
At the last staff Nielsen put Nintendo Wii. This popular console use all 6, 8% of the time (Nielsen conducted its study during December 2008). Slightly better results (10, 2%) showed Xbox 360. First place gave PS3 with 10, 6%.
Wii is also included for only 5 days, while the PS3 has needed an average of 6, 8 days, and Xbox 360 do, 7 1 days. The average number of gaming sessions on the Wii proved to the lowest - 1, 78. At the same time on the Xbox 360 and PS3, these figures were 2, 15 and 2, 74, respectively.
Nielsen explains more time using the Xbox 360 and PS3 so that the system has many capabilities, including playback of multimedia files and network services. With regard to the owners of Wii, they are likely to include the console, its only once a week, and then only briefly.


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