By Deus Ex wants the games cost less than

April 1, 2009, 6:00 pm

by deus ex wants the games cost less than   Warren Spector (Warren Spector) - geymdizayner known, was behind the Deus Ex, - believes that the modern games are too expensive. It seems to him to accept the majority of gamers. The developer believes that, compared with other forms of electronic entertainment, the online stories are too high price, which prevents them to get more people.
Spector believes that the difficult economic situation and the reluctance of customers to pay more, may force publishers to reduce prices of their popular products. However, especially in the confidence we do not, because the cost of developing modern games are increasing (especially in the case of some AAA-products, such as Fable 2, MGS 4 or GTA 4, which cost about 100 million). In general, let us hope for the best.
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