The developers of DICE happy with the new policy, Electronic Arts

April 1, 2009, 2:40 pm

the developers of dice happy with the new policy, electronic arts   Apparently, the staff DICE very pleased that at the head of Electronic Arts now stands Risitiello John (John Riccitiello). One of the top managers of Digital Illusions CE has expressed its deep satisfaction with the new approach publishers who value, above all, quality rather than quantity. Perfect illustration of fidelity to such direction, he believes Dead Space.
The specialist says that four times a year, Electronic Arts brings together 20 of their creative producers to special seminars where they exchange ideas and invent new and unusual solutions for today`s video games. It sounds really interesting.
Unfortunately, the harsh reality has shown that consumers are not rushing to buy innovative games. Dead Space, Mirror s Edge and Skate 2 were not bad in retail, but these products are unlikely to be those destined to become hits, like NFS Underground. It turns out that the lack of fresh ideas from the developers themselves to blame for gamers.
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