Dialog boxes in the role-playing game Alpha Protocol

April 27, 2009, 5:31 pm

dialog boxes in the role-playing game alpha protocol 
dialog boxes in the role-playing game alpha protocol   Despite the financial crisis, an unusual action/RPG Alpha Protocol in espionage settinge actively developed and is preparing for the October release. The seriousness of their intentions developers have once again confirmed, the network released a video clip that tells about the features of the local dialogue tree and some other functions of the game. Quite an interesting sight.
Remember that the project is working studio Obsidian, which was not so long ago, has taken up a new game in the series of Fallout. For this genre RPG with a lot of action in the modern world. The main character will try to spy on and punish their former superiors. In addition to thoughtful discussions here will also be a lot of skirmishes.
Alpha Protocol released on consoles and PC this fall.
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