DICE explains delay Battlefield 1943 for PC

April 28, 2009, 9:33 am

dice explains delay battlefield 1943 for pc   After the DICE said that the PC-version of Battlefield 1943 will be released 2 months later XBLA-version, many fans began to express in the forums its apparent displeasure. The developers have decided as the excuse to many admirers of the series. Producer Gordon VanDayk (Gordon Van Dyke) explained that the Battlefield 1943 based on engine Frostbite Engine, which was perfectly adapted for the console (ie the technology used in Battlefield:Bad Company).
The developer said that, given the particular PC as the platform, experts want to introduce the technology in more opportunities and support for various configurations. Make all of this without extra time, it is simply impossible.
We hope that the wait may not be in vain. To play Battlefield 1943 on a computer could be as early as September.
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