Diddit allows to share a lifetime of experience in Twitter and Facebook

March 19, 2009, 3:03 pm

diddit allows to share a lifetime of experience in twitter and facebook   There is such an interesting site Diddit, which helps people learn from others` mistakes rather than make their own. The site everyone can share their life experiences with others. The entries are divided into two types:case by case or diddits and the desired or wanna dos. Now wisdom multiple users Diddit may be available in other social networks. Users can use the widgets, which will show the same diddits and wanna dos.
Now Diddit records can be shared directly to Twitter, which is very convenient for the fans of this resource. Also get access to diddits and wanna dos using Facebook Connect. It should be noted that in recent times such a mutual exchange takes place between the different social resources and users are increasingly becoming accessible to an increasing number of new opportunities, but their use is becoming easier.


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