Digital distribution kill game stores

April 22, 2009, 9:20 am

digital distribution kill game stores   The Executive Director of Stardock Uordell Brad (Brad Wardell) recently told in an interview GameBizBlog, that he thinks of digital distribution. In his view, shopping networks should not be popular network services to sell video games. In doing so, they are literally killing themselves, because the new online stores offer a lot more to buy new games.
It should be noted that Uordell clearly exaggerated. Many experts have already spoken about this, arguing that sales of video games on broadband yet regarded as an additional perquisite. Key money is still derived directly from retailers.
Really shopping network games are a potential threat to traditional stores, but it will take many years before it becomes real. In addition, fans will still want to see on your shelves with the disc box, booklets and other bonuses.
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