Digital news from MSI and Nikolay Valuev

April 30, 2009, 2:18 pm

digital news from msi and nikolay valuevdigital news from msi and nikolay valuevdigital news from msi and nikolay valuev 
digital news from msi and nikolay valuev   The other day the Russian representation of the company Micro-Star International (MSI) noted several important developments. In the solemn atmosphere was open a new Moscow office of the developer, but also presents new solutions that are already available in the Russian market.
The official part of ceremony, opened the Russian boxer, heavyweight, multiple world champion Nikolai Valuev, who is now a face of the company MSI.
Of the new products we would like to note a series of ultrathin laptops X-Slim, product line monoblocs All-in-One, as well as new models netbukov Wind.
Models Laptop Series X-Slim claim to rank among the most thin laptop in the market, while providing a good range of opportunities. These mobile solutions support next generation wireless networks - WiMAX, Wi-Fi, 3. 5G.
At the end of the official activities of Nikolai Valuev invited everyone to try yourself as a boxer, after which each of the participants received an autograph from the champion.


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