DirectX 11 for AMD laptops will be in 2011

April 10, 2009, 11:18 am

directx 11 for amd laptops will be in 2011 
directx 11 for amd laptops will be in 2011   The market of mobile computers still firmly holds the company Intel - achieved tremendous success with several generations of Centrino platform for the world`s leading chipmeyker does not want to part easily with its leading position. But competitors are also not going to watch the progress of an opponent, staying out of the game, and one of the most ambitious pursuers is the company AMD. But in order to successfully cope with such a strong rival, AMD should have a clear strategy for the development of their mobile platforms over the next few years. The fact that such a strategy the company has, we are with you today and see.
In 2009, the first plan will be a platform Tigris, based on a central processor with the code Caspian. This conceals the name of 45-nm integrated circuits, up to the dual-support work with standard RAM DDR2-800. System logic will be presented to the classic set from the north and south bridges. As the first chip made by AMD RS880M with integrated graphics that support DirectX 10. 1, UVD 2 technology, ATI Avivo HD, PowerPlay and a complete set of video. The south bridge will be presented microarray AMD SB710, and among its main features can provide support for six SATA ports and twelve ports USB 2. 0.
in 2010 marked the release platform Danube. The main innovation in this case can be regarded as supporting the implementation of RAM standard DDR3, at a frequency of 1066 MHz. This will facilitate the application of the new central processing Champlan, which left the 45-nm chips will be produced including the quad versions. Despite the fact that the North Bridge will be familiar already chipset AMD RS880M, developers plan to use the new schedule - GPU series Manhattan. The south bridge will be submitted to a series of chips AMD SB8xxM,
However, most interest today are details on the mobile platform, which will appear on the world market in 2011. Code platform Sabine, and here the change from the predecessor where significant. The heart of the platform should be a Quad-32-nm processors Llano, supporting work with the same standard of memory, but with an operating frequency up to 1600 MHz. However, the CPU will play a role and the north bridge chip - in one case with the CPU will be located and integrated graphics core, supports DirectX eleventh version of the technology and UVD third version. The changes affect, and the only remaining chip system logic - South Bridge Series AMD SB9xxM. Here the most interesting to go to the support of a universal USB bus 3. 0, and the total number of supported ports of sixteen units.


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