DirectX 11:Several new images and trace rays

November 30, 2008, 1:18 pm

directx 11:several new images and trace raysdirectx 11:several new images and trace rays 
directx 11:several new images and trace rays   All the closer that hour when you can say that photorealistic graphics is available to any user. This will help bring the API DirectX version 11, the news we talked about some features of this release. Today, learn about the images speak eloquently about the new level of graphics in games.
should be recalled that the programmable hardware support is provided tesselyatsii graphics adapters families ATI HD 2000, 3000 and 4000. In other words, programmable and fixed-function image processing for tesselyatsii will support Direct3D graphics card grade 10 and 10. 1.
The forum created image CHIPHELL to demonstrate the possibility of DirectX 11, the play of light and shadows. While cautious about this kind of imagery, often they are nothing more than fabrication.
looks very interesting images, constructed using ray tracing (ray tracing). Would it be possible, using functional DirectX version 11, such a method ? If so, what would be required computing power of graphics processor ? There is a view that the productivity of 1 teraflops will not suffice, or even 1, 5 teraflops not be able to provide adequate priority FPS in complex scenes. The amount of computation huge, each additional source of light in the scene, every material, whether it is transparent or reflecting, must be get real-time. Perhaps we will see the implementation of the method of tracing rays in the DirectX 11, but renderinge scene is likely to be used by various optimization and simplification.


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