Disappointing trailer Magna Carta 2

April 22, 2009, 12:07 pm

disappointing trailer magna carta 2disappointing trailer magna carta 2 
disappointing trailer magna carta 2   Korean game series Magna Carta is known primarily for its fantastic artam who painted the well-known in narrow circles of the artist Hung-tae Kim (Hyung-tae Kim). Here are some examples of his work (here you can see yet).
five years ago on PS2 came Magna Carta:Crimson Stigmata (Tears of Blood). Just average JRPG with a very cool opening song. As it turned out, this work will soon receive a sequel Magna Carta 2. The new game developed exclusively for Xbox 360. Microsoft has already provided the debut trailer.
Looks surprisingly weak. It seems that this port with the PS2. It was not clear what Microsoft hopes to produce such a dull game in Japan. The release is scheduled for early August this year.
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