Disclaimer IBM offers Sun worth 25% of the value of shares

April 7, 2009, 8:49 pm

disclaimer ibm offers sun worth 25% of the value of shares   Will fail negotiations regarding the purchase of IT-giant IBM company Sun Microsystems not only наделали noise in professional circles, and normal users, but also adversely affected the stability of stock Sun.
The available data on these holidays Sun IBM rejected the proposal on the merger, arguing its decision to the fact that IBM has proposed a very low price, which is not arranged for the Board of Directors of Sun. Having been informed about the rejection, IBM the next day withdrew his proposal.
Remember that IBM originally planned to acquire Sun, paying $ 10 per share. Then the plank was lowered prices to $ 9, 5, and later - up to $ 9, 4. According to some experts, another reason for rejection Sun has no plans and strategies at IBM in the event of disputes and claims in antitrust enforcement.
is interesting that immediately after the rejection of the value of shares of Sun collapsed by a quarter. So far, the comments by the representatives of the industry giants have been reported. Let`s see what happens next.


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