Disclose secrets NVIDIA GT212:about Shader units

November 10, 2008, 11:36 am

   Reported that the company NVIDIA has a problem with the translation GT200 in the 55-nm manufacturing process of many supporters of this company could, to put it mildly, upset. How is it with a competitor flagship products are built on the basis of 55-nm chip, and then once a leading company can not do the same. Today`s tip is designed to lift the despondent head fans and force them to believe again in a green giant.
German website Hardware-Infos otkrovennichaet about one of the most important characteristics of future chip NVIDIA GT212. This 40-nm videochip will not until the second quarter of 2009. And, unlike the GT216, which probably will not be functionally consistent with GT200, will receive an additional amount of unified Shader units. If you believe the source, they will be 60% more than the GT200, or in other words 384. You can even try to suggest that increased the number of modules teksturnoy filtering (TMU), with 80 units to 128, although some are inclined to say that they will still have 96.
Zvonochek made, whether it be ringing true remains to be see, but that AMD RV870 will be a serious rival for future products NVIDIA, beyond doubt. The company AMD has a good pace, it is possible that the first samples of 40-nm chip RV870 will be the end of 2008. But what appears from NVIDIA ? We are waiting.


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