Discovery Channel - a new project from Google

April 23, 2009, 12:48 pm

discovery channel - a new project from google   A few weeks ago, Google launched Source discoveries. The aim of the project - to show Internet users, what services they offer the possibility of Google. Search Google, for example - and this calculator and currency converter, and the possibility of using a simple search query to get the weather forecasts in 3631 the city of peace or a schedule of the nearest cinema, as well as to find out finally that the collider. And with Google Maps, you can literally fly over the land and consider their house with a bird`s-eye view, and immediately thereafter moved to Paris and make a virtual trip around the Eiffel Tower and walk along the Prado museum, looking at polchasika in Madrid.
The site has already visited more than 200 thousand people ! Now it is more than 50 examples from Google and more than 20 - from the users. The site has a simple form, which will tell the world about the discoveries that you made with the help of Google. Google - the whole world ! World, where you`ll find your second half, raised the question of how many years, on average, live ants, as happened with andrei vvs, or to become a star, as Kremen, thanks to a clip, which he withdrew, and laid out on YouTube. Here you can manage the company from a laptop computer, without leaving home, as the b. gnatyuk or specify the path of a friend in an unfamiliar city, sitting at home behind a computer, using Maps Google, as LaysMan. All this - the real stories, which can be added to.


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