Dismissals IT-specialists around the world

December 11, 2008, 11:45 am

   Drawing up plans and various forecasts at the end of 2008 and beginning of 2009 most companies, one way or another related to the IT-sector of the global economy is not expected to have struck in the early the fall of the global financial crisis. So serious that no company has not remained aloof from the negative developments - the greatest total to date is significantly declining profits due to the sharp decline in demand for all types of products ranging from consumer electronics products, finishing machinery for the manufacture of semiconductor devices. Of course, the loss should be in any way minimize, and if you can not increase revenue, the only way out is to reduce the costs of companies. The most effective measure is to reduce staffing levels - with statements already made by many leading companies IT-industry.
The most vivid example is the second largest worldwide manufacturer of consumer electronics, Japan`s Sony, which recently officially announced dismissals come at once Sixteen thousands professionals. These include eight thousand permanent employees, as well as eight thousand employees with part-time and seasonal workers. It is estimated that less drastic measures that the leadership intends to complete by 2010, will help the manufacturer reduce its costs by $ 1, 1 billion a year.
However, from manufacturers of integrated circuits storage business is also not the best way:the company Hynix has officially announced the impending dismissal, reducing the remaining staff salaries by 30% (Executive Director also urezhut salary by a third), the suspension of several factories. But do not think that Hynix alone in its plans - such as reducing waiting and other manufacturers of memory microchips:Elpida, Micron, Powerchip, ProMos, Qimonda, Spansion, etc. But worth noting that the situation in this market the most severe - the world financial crisis coincided with a crisis of overproduction, has long been tantalizing memory industry.
And if Hynix is difficult to attribute to a clear market leader of semiconductor devices, the company that was Intel. But even such a powerful organization of crises is not true - not the best financial projections for the fourth quarter of 2008 and beginning of 2009, forcing Intel to save. Of course, in this case Coming reduce staff - the fifth December, the company officially announced the dismissals of six - seven per cent of the staff that is five - six thousand people. Thanks so radical and unpopular measures Intel will be able to save about $ 1 billion annually, which would grade the fall of profits.
how much the financial crisis hit the industry of semiconductor devices may illustrate the report of association SEMI Europe, which demanded that governments of European countries for urgent intervention and assistance companies. Rightly or wrongly associated with the development and manufacture of integrated circuits is about one million employees in Europe - about 250 thousand staff directly to companies that manufacture microchips, and more than 250 thousand workers in related organizations. According to a report by SEMI Europe, in the absence of state support for industry will be seriously affected, the effects of which may be the most dire. Given that the industry of semiconductor devices, related equipment and materials annually generates profits of $ 37 billion and directly associated with industries such as energy, telecommunications, transport, medicine, public agencies simply must allocate funds to save the strategically important industry segment .


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