How to disperse the processor Nehalem

October 31, 2008, 10:22 am

how to disperse the processor nehalem   The main event of 2008 should be a formal way the world market for central processing units, based on Intel microarchitecture, Nehalem. As has been reported, one of the major differences coming from new products predecessors is the presence of an integrated memory controller. This solution developers to improve performance microprocessors that must observe the ordinary PC users. However, such devices would lead to a number of features and for fans of overclocking - now standard procedure, suitable for Intel processors earlier generations will look different.
One of the first characteristics with which to confront you, is to limit the possibility of setting operating voltage to the basic elements of circuits:the most CPU-integrated memory controller and bus QuickPath, that would not stand for operativki voltage above 1, 65 Volt . This is slightly above the standard values for DDR3-memory of 1, 5 Volt. At least for the first family of processors Nehalem.
On the one hand, this will set the operativki DDR3-2000 timing is not below CL8, reaching the theoretical performance memory subsystems to the values of 48 Gb/s, which means in practice, achieving the mark in the 30 Gb/s. This, however, enough even for upgrade processors at 32-nm microchips Westmere.
is Suschestvennym dignity Nehalem processors is the fact that now fans can disperse significantly reduce the load on the system logic chips. Including and completely abandon the manipulation of the settings of the northern bridge, except when necessary to disperse the interface QPI. At the same time, the user will be considerably less attention paid to the cooling system of system of logic, since many of the leading manufacturers of motherboards equipped its X58-device massive radiators, including through teploprovodyaschih tubes, especially creative and - more fluid system heat.
Lovers of fine-tuning operating parameters of the system as a whole, through the manipulation of the BIOS, will be happy to see a much expanded list of options, such as voltage, operating frequency delay processor cores, cache memory, RAM, bandwidth QPI. For some, regrettably, hardly all of these opportunities will be provided by the user in the first version of BIOS, and, certainly, not all motherboards. The exception - a device pozitsioniruemye as the top models of higher price range.
Total, fans of overclocking with computer systems based on central processing units Nehalem will have to focus on exactly the main modern computer chip - CPU, operating parameters of its main components, the cooling system, etc.


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