How does the game Mirror s Edge with and without PhysX

December 26, 2008, 3:09 pm

   Are finding it increasingly difficult to argue that NVIDIA PhysX technology is only a marketing tool. The recent testing of graphics cards in the game Anabioz:Dream of Reason amply demonstrated inability flagship graphics adapters AMD compete even with low-cost solutions to California`s developer. What is said about the fact that NVIDIA PhysX technology has no future, according to some ? Let us leave this question, time to resolve it. In the meantime, talk about the next product, which provides support for this technology.
Game Mirror s Edge from Electronic Arts for the PC platform is different from the console version more saturated physical effects. Suspense movie appeared on the pages of the resource The screen is divided into two parts, left the game unfolded without the participation of technology NVIDIA PhysX, the right technology is included.
When viewing spot may be a double impression. On the one hand, the game has become a visual look better with the applied technology NVIDIA PhysX. Razvevayuschayasya tissue fragments of glass that will not disappear, razletayuschiysya debris and dust from under the feet of the protagonist, all blended well with the game. Although to say great ! Something is missing, at least on the basis of the movie. All predictable and monotonous. And to a large extent on the gameplay is not affected.
Wait announcement PC version is still not a lot. At the beginning of next year everyone will be able to satisfy itself, which is capable of physics in the game Mirror s Edge.


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