The download time for Mass Effect 2 will be reduced

April 3, 2009, 7:12 pm

the download time for mass effect 2 will be reduced 
the download time for mass effect 2 will be reduced   Mass Effect was very good game, but it had several shortcomings. In fact, negative in this project was предостаточно:boring random planet, it is absolutely unnecessary money failed system tools. The primary irritating factor remained slow elevators. Indeed, in the fantasy world of Mass Effect long travel from one floor to another perceived as uniform Harassment.
There are reasons. During idle prefix convulsively load new pieces of the huge levels. In the sequel promises to solve this problem. The representative of BioWare Casey Hudson (Casey Hudson) said in an interview with MTV Multiplayer, that in continuing to use totally new system for podzagruzki content from the disc. It is hope that we do not have a long stick in the virtual elevator.
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