The downloadable content will help to raise the profitability of games

April 16, 2009, 8:29 am

the downloadable content will help to raise the profitability of games   The downloadable content for video games has long been the standard. Many current projects are supplemented by a little after the release of the mini-addon, like new maps or models of the characters. Thus, publishers and developers not only to maintain interest in their products, but also the opportunity for additional earnings.
EEDAR Analysts believe that by 2010 the average AAA-product will be able to increase its 10% yield exclusively through downloadable content. It is distributed at a low cost through network services.
Considering that already a mini-Addons The Lost and Damned, and Call of Duty:World at War s Map Pack 1 sold like hot cakes, we think that analysts` forecasts may well be true.
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