Draft Alien Mouse - Attack of alternative manipulators

March 7, 2008, 4:42 pm

draft alien mouse - attack of alternative manipulatorsdraft alien mouse - attack of alternative manipulatorsdraft alien mouse - attack of alternative manipulators 
draft alien mouse - attack of alternative manipulators   IT-analysts are predicting the imminent extinction with tables users computer mouse, and if not complete her disappearance, the least serious modification. Indeed, this year has so many alternative manipulators that an ordinary user can think about that very soon this seemingly usual and no replaceable computer accessory as a mouse, will replace something more unusual and manufacturability.
English designer of Indian descent Mizanur Rahman decided to completely rewrite the computer mouse design to increase comfort and upgrade the appearance of morally obsolete device. The result came to light draft Alien Mouse, a product which has become the same computer mouse, but it is quite another form.
In terms of design, project name speaks for itself - mouse is indeed very unusual kind of alien animal and recalls. Particularly impressive look elements Alien Mouse, made in the form of small horns and located on the sides of the device. But done for the sake of ergonomics size and shape of the device does not allow its use with portable PCs.
Mouse Alien Mouse will be a set-cellulose gel cushions placed on the entire length of the hands of the user, supporting brush and wrist. Extreme equipped with a pillow hidden in the bowels of its two buttons, a small joystick, an optical sensor and small motors designed to provide feedback device with the user through vibration.
Of course, Alien Mouse is only a concept design and acting there is no prototype device. But who knows, maybe very soon unusual mouse, named Alien Mouse, will work and surprise all his unusual view on the tables of most users` desktops.


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