In the drivers propisalis NVIDIA chips GT21x new video

January 5, 2009, 1:47 pm

in the drivers propisalis nvidia chips gt21x new video 
in the drivers propisalis nvidia chips gt21x new video   The last days of last year, made some clarity to our understanding of the company`s plans for NVIDIA to produce graphics chips. Asian sources have determined that the first products made by 40-nm technology will be a flagship kernel GT212, which is in the second quarter nastupivshego the beginning of the year odnochipovomu successor GeForce GTX 285. In the third quarter, scheduled release of three 40-nm graphics solutions for secondary and primary levels:G214, GT216 and GT218. The first of the chips is likely to assume the G94 (GeForce 9600 GT/GSO), the second zamestit G96 (GeForce 9500 GT), whereas the third will replace budget G98 (GeForce 9400 GT).
Fortunately, the official confirmation of information about future NVIDIA graphics chips are not long in coming. The most thoughtful enthusiasts fly in the face of the beta versions of drivers, and found that prosochivshiesya on the Internet latest ForceWare drivers 185. 20 Beta describe several new products. With four of them we already know - this GT212, GT214, GT216 and GT218. However, the information in the files of drivers mentioned quite unknown chip code-named GT215.
Unfortunately, the characteristics of future decisions so far nothing definite to say you can not. One can only note that the inf-files of new drivers indicate the two models of video cards based on the GT212. Moreover, each chip GT214 and GT215 will be the basis of at least two video cards. On the basis of the kernel GT218 is scheduled to release four accelerator. With regard to the chip GT216, which has promised to start the six varieties of video cards, new drivers are aware of only one possible model.
As a continuation of the theme of future products, NVIDIA would like to add that beta ForceWare 185 drivers. 20 also confirmed the information to change the system of marking cards and renaming of some models in a series of GeForce 9x00, first appeared in September last year. In the inf-files utekshih drivers propisalis boosters GeForce GTS 250, GT 130, GT 120 and G100.
Another proof of the coming change may be that in the range of German shop Media Markt seen ready personal computers, video cards equipped GeForce GT 130 with 1536 MB of memory, GeForce GT 120 with 1024 MB RAM and GeForce G100 with a 512-MB videobuferom.
It seems that as the GeForce GT 130 hiding accelerator GeForce 9600 GSO (formerly GeForce 8800 GS). Legend GeForce GT 120 and G100 are reserved for the GeForce 9500 GT and 9400 GT respectively. A more powerful graphics card GeForce 9800 GT and 9800 GTX-based chip G92b given name GeForce GTS 2x0. According to the source, the new system of signs to come into force as early as this month and provide regular recharge of existing products, which are destined to protect the interests of NVIDIA until the emergence of chip-based cards GT21x.


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