Drives Seagate Barracuda steel cost by 50%

April 26, 2009, 11:12 am

drives seagate barracuda steel cost by 50% 
drives seagate barracuda steel cost by 50%   The high cost of solid-state disk (SSD) yet does not allow them to become a mass product. The most popular drive is still a traditional hard drive. And judging by the regular emergence of new models with increased capacity and improved performance, the capacity of hard drives are far from being exhausted.
its regular contribution to the development of magnetic recording industry has made the company Seagate. The American manufacturer has announced the release of a new series of hard drives Barracuda LP. At the time of announcement of its membership included three 3, 5-inch model with capacity 1, 1, 5 and 2 TB:ST31000520AS, ST31500541AS and ST32000542AS. The main feature of the new products is the low power consumption. This fact is noted in the title of a series of suffixes LP (Low Power).
The developers claim that the hard drives Barracuda LP consume 50% less energy than standard solutions for desktop computers. This allows you to position the new products to work in the cost of home and office systems, as well as for the use of external drives with interface USB, FireWire, or eSATA. According to the manufacturer, model, capacity of 1 TB-load mode, consumes no more than 3 W, in the intensive reading and recording the consumption of up to 5, 7 Tues. It is hoped that in the range of Seagate appeared worthy competitors green Caviar Green drives from Western Digital.
The new hard drive in a series of Barracuda LP based on the 500-Gb plates with perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) and are compatible with SATA II interface with bandwidth up to 300 MB/sec. The volume of the built-buffer memory is 32 MB. Note that the speed of rotation of the spindle is selected non-standard value of 5900 rpm. Probably, the American engineers are staying at a speed of the considerations a reasonable balance between speed and power.
The manufacturer has begun deliveries of the new hard drive immediately after the announcement, which gives hope for their speedy appearance in retail sales. As expected, the computer stores a capacity of 1 TB model will be assessed at about $ 118, the disk capacity of 1, 5 TB will appreciate to $ 156, a 2-TB modification will cost about $ 358.
It should also be noted that the company Seagate coincide with the announcement of a new economical series of hard drives Barracuda LP to the Earth Day celebration, which is celebrated twice a year:on 21 March and 22 April. Earth Day is held to raise public awareness of the environment.
The technical characteristics of hard drive Seagate Barracuda LP:
  • model name:ST31000520AS/ST31500541A/ST32000542A;
  • the amount of storage:1 TB/1, 5 TB/2 TB;
  • Disk Interface:SATA II (SATA-300, 300 Mb/s);
  • the rotational speed of spindle:5900 rpm;
  • buffer memory:32 MB;
  • density:341, 5 Gb/sq. inch;
  • the number of plates:2/4/4;
  • the number of heads:4/8/8;
  • the speed of data transfer from buffer to disk:>160 Mb/s;
  • the average search time when reading and writing:


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