DSL at speeds of 500 Mbps by the end of 2009 !

March 18, 2009, 10:33 am

dsl at speeds of 500 mbps by the end of 2009 !   DSL-Modern technologies allow to organize the data transfer at speeds of several tens of megabits per second. For example, very high-speed Digital Subscriber Line VDSL has a maximum capacity of 52 Mbps. But this is not the limit, and the potential of DSL is much higher, experts consider the well-known company Ericsson.
Currently, the Swedish manufacturer is working on a next-generation DSL technology that can provide bandwidth of 500 or more megabits per second ! Recently Ericsson conducted a live demonstration of data transmission by means of the so-called vectorize VDSL technology at speeds above 500 Mbps. According to Don MakKallau, director of product marketing Ericsson Broadband Networks, the first devices to support new technologies may emerge in the market by the end of this year.
One of the key features to vectorize VDSL is the use of multiple copper lines instead of one of the traditional DSL. In its demonstration using Ericsson six copper lines longer than 500 meters. In the technology provided a mechanism for suppression of noise arising from the close of the copper wires.
The new technology is aimed at use in enterprise networks, home LAN, and mobile base stations. According to the Swedish company, vectorize VDSL technology will be standardized later this year.
It should be noted that Ericsson is not alone in its aspirations to accelerate DSL. According to the source, the work in this direction are also other companies.


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