Dual 45-nm processor Callisto - an unexpected new AMD

February 23, 2009, 2:21 pm

   Good in all the plan based on the Deneb core are studied by us already. If AMD was not possible to reclaim the name of the manufacturer of the fastest chips, then make a decent competition processors Core 2 Duo/Quad available. In order to simplify the user, but rather reduce the price, the move to AM3 in the Canadian company has plans to produce three-and dual-core processors based on the Deneb.
Disabling one of the four cores will provide an opportunity to get trehyaderny processor Phenom II X3 7xx, code Heka. In the assets of the product will remain fully-fledged third-level cache is equal to 6 MB. For dual-core processor to do the same way, but leave untouched the amount of cache L3. So far, only known code of the chip - it is Callisto. What would be the retail name, you can only guess. Perhaps, AMD wants to indicate affiliation duhyadernogo processor in August особам Phenom II, and may limit the simple Athlon X2.
a competitor for Callisto is Pentium Dual-Core, which is to measure performance from the representative generation Phenom II. Announcement of 45-nm dual-core AMD processor is scheduled for the second quarter of 2009.


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