In early April, the sale will appear in Core i7-975 EX

March 27, 2009, 11:33 am

   Some time later, after the appearance of the first mention of the processor Core i7-975 Extreme Edition, has information about its announcement during the exhibition CeBIT 2009. On the emergence of such a processor sales data has not yet been.
In the words of colleagues from this processor can be purchased at the beginning of April. Some dealers expect revenue for the first Core i7-975 Extreme Edition at this time. Approximate price of the order of 995 euros. For the money you get Quad processor with an operating frequency of 3, 3 GHz. The level of TDP of 130 W, while the L3 cache is 8 MB.
Some online stores are already offering pre-orders placed on the processor Core i7-975 Extreme Edition here and here.


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