Edius Neo 2. 0:new version of Video Editor

April 13, 2009, 5:04 pm

edius neo 2. 0:new version of video editor   Released the second version of Edius Neo. This - product from Canopus, which is well known in the market for professional video editing software. Edius Neo - it is an attempt to simplify the company`s professional video editor Eduis Pro and make it affordable for home users. The program has a customizable interface that consists of several panels, the location of each of which can be controlled separately.
One of the features of Edius Neo - working with video in real time. Once the project settings are set, you can upload videos in any format, and the program on the fly converts it to the desired, modifying, if necessary, aspect ratio, resolution, frames per second, and other parameters. In doing so, Edius Neo does not spend time on re-encoding video. Display filters, superimposed on the video, transition effects, titles and other effects, too, is done in real time. Quick work program is provided through support for multicore and multiprocessor systems. Already in the process of downloading the program analyzes the system and displays information about the number of processors and support for SSE instructions and MMX.
Among the features of the second version, you can make use of graphics capabilities to accelerate the visualization of projects, a new feature to install Layouter keyframes in 2D and 3D-effects, the increase in prezetov to create a DVD, the possibility of recording projects in the AVCHD H. 264/Blu-ray.
EDIUS Neo 2 sold for $ 199.


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