EIZO FlexScan S2432W-H:24 Monitor with DisplayPort

November 7, 2008, 8:37 pm

eizo flexscan s2432w-h:24 monitor with displayport 
eizo flexscan s2432w-h:24 monitor with displayport   After only a month after the Announcement, 24 1-inch ColorEdge CG242W Japanese company EIZO introduced yet another product with an interface DisplayPort - 24"model FlexScan S2432W - H. Innovation is different from its sister high response time (16 ms to 6 ms), less contrast (1000:1 to 1100:1), but boasts increased brightness (360 nit to 270 nit).
The new model is equipped with a matrix LCD with a resolution 1920h1200 pixels, a review of angles 178 °, a rich set of interfaces (VGA, DVI-D and DisplayPort), as well as relatively low energy consumption of 40 Watts.
Monitor FlexScan S2432W-H come on the market of Japan in December, and its price will be about 730 euros.


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