An EL-poster with the effect of the animation

April 13, 2009, 7:47 pm

an el-poster with the effect of the animation   Dai Nippon Printing Co. , Ltd. (DNP) has developed a light-poster that combines неорганическую electroluminescent (EL) panel, which emits white light of high brightness, and organic EL panels that display information in a running line. DNP Tohoku Co. , Ltd. and DNP Media Create Co. , Ltd. - Subsidiaries DNP - submitted the poster.
The inorganic EL panel emits light of high brightness from the printed picture, and this makes the picture-like animation. Organic panels are used to display text information. The logo, caption, and highlighting emerging and disappearing, as many areas of inorganic EL panels are working in different modes, and this is achieved the effect of animation. Two organic EL panels, which are installed under the upper layer of light-emitting poster, display text information in the running line in monochrome color. The size of the poster represent 728 x 515 mm.
light poster is resistant to vibration and shock resistance, and continues to glow even when it is bent, allowing it to place on the surfaces of different shapes. The operating costs of this poster is small due to the fact that the power consumption of inorganic EL panel is only 60% of that of a fluorescent light source, claimed the company. In addition, an organic EL panel helps reduce maintenance costs, since its maximum service life of up to 20 000 hours. A poster itself has the additional advantage of wide viewing angles and light weight. Moreover, the size and shape can be arbitrary.
DNP for the first time present the poster on one of the exhibitions. His output in the production launch is planned for April 2010. The company is also working on a system of delivery of text information on a poster on the network and voice alerts. Light poster may be useful as a means to stimulate sales for use in conjunction with the brochures, advertisements in local sales and elements of corporate identity.


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