Electric Detroit Electric will be a century after the break

April 1, 2009, 6:33 pm

electric detroit electric will be a century after the break 
electric detroit electric will be a century after the break   Car brand Detroit Electric in the early last century, owned Thomas Edison, but until recently, forgotten the brand name has remained the province of directories and a few scholars. Fashion at the electric business has inspired almost a century revive Detroit Electric, and the executive director of the company became a former director of the British sports car design bureau Lotus Engineering Albert Lam (Albert Lam).
In the nearest plans of the company - in the next year-electric sedan at a price of around 24-26 thousand U. S. Interestingly, Detroit Electric has no intention of releasing the car itself, but instead is going to place orders for the production of a third-party automakers, - namely, the Malaysian Proton Holdings, using as a base of the existing development of Proton. The goal is that different from the last sedan Detroit Electric will be at the expense of another design of the body. In the future the company plans to present the version in the electric version хетчбек.
Elektrodvigatel for the future of the car was created by a group of engineers of the Dutch units of Detroit Electric. There are his outstanding characteristics - with the weight about 18 kilograms, along with the controller, the engine develops power of 200 horsepower and is composed of a relatively small number of parts, which allows to simplify and reduce the price of its production. Lithium-polymer batteries for electric vehicles will provide a South Korean manufacturer.
with a standard set of batteries first Detroit Electric will be the range 180 km, in the form of options will be offered high-capacity battery, increases mileage from a charge of up to 320 kilometers, and the price - at 4-5 thousand U. S. Like other members of the class Electric would be an enviable upper dynamics differ, speeding up to hundreds less than 8 seconds. Maximum speed - 177 km/h.
Just as a century ago, electric Detroit Electric will be targeted primarily for use in urban mode, where the typical average daily mileage rarely exceed the range of a single charge. By the way, at the beginning of last century, one of the main advantages of electric vehicles that were then to 20% of the total volume produced vehicles, are not considered to be lower cost or environmental friendliness, and lack of need for a great deal of physical strength required to run then gasoline engines.


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