Elektromobil BMW MINI E:official announcement

October 20, 2008, 12:32 pm

elektromobil bmw mini e:official announcementelektromobil bmw mini e:official announcementelektromobil bmw mini e:official announcementelektromobil bmw mini e:official announcementelektromobil bmw mini e:official announcement 
elektromobil bmw mini e:official announcement   The recent turmoil the world oil market fuel interest in cars that use alternative energy sources. A survey conducted in several countries in Europe, China, Japan and USA showed that interest in electric and hybrid horse on wheels is steadily growing. 36% of those surveyed would like to buy a hybrid car, yet 45, 8% thinking about buying electric vehicles. This is linked not only with the constant increase in fuel prices, but with increasing attention to the environment. Given the emerging trends, the company BMW Group officially introduced a new electric MINI E, which will be released a small party of 500 copies.
NEW equipped with electric motor power of 204 liters. with. (150 kW), which transfers torque to the front wheels through a single gearbox with kosozubymi gear. Torque of 220 Newton-meters ensure dispersal polutoratonnogo car to 100 km/h for 8, 5 seconds, but its maximum speed is limited by at 152 km/h.
As noted, electric car designed on the basis of compact models BMW MINI. Batteries are quite a few places, so the shop had to convert, in particular, to abandon a number of rear seats. Designed specifically for use in automotive lithium-ion batteries will help to drive about 240 miles before recharging. Their capacity is 35 kilowatt-hours, and electricity is transmitted motor at 380 W. rechargeable battery composed of 5088 cells, grouped into 48 modules. All these modules are packed into three units, which are located in the rear of the car. Using a special device that comes complete with MINI E, users will be able to charge the batteries in a very short period of time - only 2, 5 hours.
BMW notes that the new electric car has passed all the major phase of preparations for mass production and has numerous crash tests. Particular attention was given to electrical and study the optimal placement of the batteries in the cabin. Mass production, which starts near the end of the year, will take place at BMW plants in Oxford and Munich. In Britain will meet a car, with the exception of some key components (electric motors, batteries, gearbox), the installation will meet the German engineers.
public demonstration MINI E will take place at the international motor show in Los Angeles from 19 to 20 November 2008. The first serial copies available to the markets of California, New York and New Jersey. The ability to access electric market in Europe so far only examined the leadership of the company.


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