Elpida is fast DDR3-memory chips

July 4, 2008, 3:16 pm

elpida is fast ddr3-memory chips   Japanese company Elpida Memory, which specializes in the design and manufacture of integrated memory chips, reported the latest achievements - creating productive chip RAM standard DDR3, can transmit data at speeds up to 2, 5 Gbit/sec. In doing so, microchip capacity is 1 Gbit. According to information from the developers, their solution is positioned in the sector of RAM for high-performance server systems and personal computers.
One feature was submitted chips use copper in the formation of conductive layers, replacing aluminum, and that enabled devices to increase productivity without increasing their power consumption.
The new chips can operate in several modes, varying their productivity from 667 Mbps to 2, 5 Gb/s, with a range of working voltages from the standard of 1, 5 Volt up to 1 ppm, 35 Volt and 1, 2 Volt . Note that today is a standard capacity of 1, 6 Gb/s at an operating voltage of 1, 5 Volt.
Thus, it is possible to use new items to create a high-performance memory devices, and a record cost. Finally noted that the first deliveries of samples of chips should start in late August.


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