Eltrinex MobilePC:Czech netbuk with 320 - GB hard drive

September 18, 2008, 3:52 pm

eltrinex mobilepc:czech netbuk with 320 - gb hard drive 
eltrinex mobilepc:czech netbuk with 320 - gb hard drive   Czech manufacturer of electronics Eltrinex presented to the public 10, 2 - inch netbuk receiving simple name MobilePC. What new could stand out among the many competitors ?
The distinguishing feature of MobilePC is far-reaching repository - 320 - GB hard drive in netbukah not meet often. In addition, the default is completed netbuk external drive recording DVD. As for the other characteristics, they are:
  • operating system Windows XP;
  • 1, 6 - GHz processor VIA C7-M;
  • 1 GB memory;
  • Ethernet-adapter, the module Wi-Fi 802. 11a/b/g, Bluetooth;
  • Kardrider;
  • Exit VGA;
  • The battery capacity 2200 mAh.
According to preliminary data, the new netbuk in Europe will cost from $ 700 to $ 760.


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