EMTEC Gdium Liberty - corporate netbuk without a hard drive

January 11, 2009, 8:29 pm

emtec gdium liberty - corporate netbuk without a hard drive   The company EMTEC officially introduced 10-inch netbuk Gdium Liberty based on the MIPS-processor Loongson-2F 900 MHz. Netbuk running OS Mandriva G-Linux, which is carried out by loading a special flash-drive G-Key capacity of 8 or 16 GB. Such an option of a permanent memory for the OS and user data can priglyanutsya corporate customers, where the loss netbuka with important information could be very critical.
The model is available in those colors (white, black, pink) and offered a price of $ 400. Specifications Gdium Liberty:
  • OS:Mandriva G-Linux;
  • :64-bit processor STMicroelectronics Loongson-2F 900 MHz;
  • :10-inch display with a resolution 1024h600 points;
  • Graphics:Silicon Motion SM502 16 MB;
  • Memory:512 MB of operational and 8/16 GB USB-flash G-Key;
  • Communications :Wi-Fi, 3hUSB 2. 0, Ethernet;
  • slot for memory cards SD/SDHC;
  • Time autonomous work:4 hours;
  • Dimensions:250h182h32 mm;
  • Weight:1, 2 kg.


• нетбук без винчестера
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