Encarta no longer available

April 2, 2009, 1:29 pm

encarta no longer available   On the questions and answers Encarta encyclopedia has information that can be seen that the 2009 version will be the last. MSN Encarta Web site will be closed on 31 October this year, while sales of the products Microsoft Student and Encarta Premium will conclude in June.
Of course, many wonder why Microsoft decided to stop the development of such a useful product, as the encyclopedia, in which there were more than 62 thousand entries. On the same page, posted a response to it. The corporation said that in recent years, ways to find information has changed, and fewer people are using old-fashioned encyclopedia. Microsoft also said its intention to develop new technologies that satisfy the demands of today`s users.
Has the decision to cease development Encarta result of the popularity of Wikipedia, which because of its specificity is updated much more frequently, is anyone`s guess.


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